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Your Italian restaurant in Düsseldorf

Pure indulgence in a welcoming atmosphere


There is something that we all, from toddlers to film stars, have in common: a love of spaghetti. With a plate of Italian spaghetti in front of us, we’re all the same. We serve this wonderful pasta here – and only the best – as well as many other delicacies of course. In addition to the excellent cuisine at Spaghetti und Stars, it is the restaurant’s unique atmosphere that attracts the guests. There is a reason why many people from Oberkassel see this well established restaurant as their home away from home. A warm welcome, beautifully laid tables and dishes prepared with attention to detail allow you to leave your worries and stresses behind.


About us

Antonio Impagnatiello and his team want their guests to feel like friends. They attend to each guest individually, ensure they are well seated (if seats are available) and can enjoy the wonderfully prepared delicacies. There is always time for a little chat, because at the Spaghetti und Stars we are interested in our friends. And we know their personal preferences. If you come here you want to enjoy good food, of course. But you also want to enjoy the timeless and comfortable atmosphere where you can meet like-minded people, maintain your network, simply switch off and feel good.

Enjoy great and delicious food

Goditi il momento

 If you’re in search of happiness – and aren’t we all? – you ignore us at your own peril. While some of our delicious dishes are not on the menu they are nonetheless an integral part of our service. People leave the Spaghetti und Stars happy.